Kenny & Samantha | Vitale Farms Wedding

Eureka, Missouri

I love fall weddings, even though summer was still hanging on a bit longer, we had a mix of green with a little color but look how pretty it made it!
Samantha was just the most stunning bride and Kenny looked so sharp in his suit! They meshed beautifully. As wedding photographers, we write a lot.  We write Instagram captions, we write blogs, we write information for our websites.  We work hard to put words to paper (or screen) to describe the incredible humans that come in and out of our lives.  We look for new words to describe how people look at each other – how do you do that when every wedding is different, and every couple truly is special?  How do you describe the perfect tapestry that is the way two unique individuals love each other?  We write and rewrite, we use our images to illustrate, and we can only hope that the love that we feel for our clients can be received and understood.

Samantha and Kenny, though?  These two have broken me.   I like to think I’m a good writer, I like to think I can describe with words what I feel and see.  But…I got nothing today, y’all.  All I have is eyes that keep filling up with tears when I think of their ceremony, ears still ringing from the sounds of Samantha’s parent’s voices, and a huge heart that can’t contain all of the crazy feelings from their day.  For once, I have NO WORDS.  Just pictures.  And a lot of love for two incredible people who are really, honestly, that much better together.
Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding:

Ceremony & Reception | Vitale Farms
Bride’s Dress |Ultimate Bride
Dress Designer | Essence of Australia
Grooms Attire |Savvy
Hair & Makeup | Just Teasin’ Hair Salon
Cake | Sweet Spot Cake Shop
Stationery | Custom made by the Bride

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